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Zeng Kaiyang's earlier Publications

1.   Zeng,K., A.Oden and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Dental Ceramic Core Materials in
      Combination with Porcelains". INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS, 11, no. 2 (1998):
2.   Zeng,K., A.E.Giannakopoulos, D.J.Rowcliffe and P.Meier, "Residual Stress Fields at the Surface of Sharp Pyramid
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1.   Zeng, K., and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Analysis of Penetration Curves Produced by Sharp Indentations on Ceramic
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2.   Zeng, K., A.Oden and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Flexure Tests on Dental Ceramics".  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF
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3.   Zeng,K., E.Söderlund, A.E.Giannakopoulos and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Controlled Indentation: A general Approach to
      Determine Mechanical Properties of Brittle Materials". ACTA MATERIALIA, 44, no.3 (1996): 1127‑1141.
4.   Salomonson,J., K.Zeng and D.J.Rowliffe, "Decay of Residual Stress at Indentation Cracks during Slow Crack
      Growth in Soda‑Lime Glass". ACTA MATERIALIA, 44, no.2 (1996): 543‑546. 

1.    Zeng,K., A.E.Giannakopoulos and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Vickers Indentations in Glass ‑ II. Comparison of Finite Element
       Analysis and Experiments". ACTA MATERIALIA, 43, no.5 (1995): 1945‑1954.
2.    Zeng,K. and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Vickers Indentation in Glass ‑ I. residual Stress Field and Iso‑Stress Contour Maps".
       ACTA MATERIALIA, 43, no.5 (1995): 1935‑1943.
3.    Yttergren,R.M.F., K.Zeng and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Residual Stress and Crack Propergation in Laminated Composites".
       Advances in Ceramic‑Matrix Composites II (1995): 543‑553. The American Ceramic Society. (Advances in
      Ceramic‑Matrix Copmposites ‑ II, 1 Jan 1995, United States).

1.     Zeng,K., and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Residual stress field at the surface around Vickers indentations in strongly bonded
         ceramics". JOURNAL OF HARD MATERIALS, 5 (1994): 239‑251.
2.     Zeng,K., and D.J. Rowcliffe, "Experimental Measurement of Residual Stress Field around a Sharp Indentation in
         Glass". JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 77, no.2 (1994): 524‑530.
3.     Zeng,K., and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Identification of fracture sequences during sharp indentation of polycrystalline Al2O3". 
         JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, 9, no.7 (1994): 1693‑1700.

1.    Zeng,K., K.Breder and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Comparison of Slow Crack Growth Behavior in Alumina and
        SiC‑Whisker‑Reinforced Alumina". JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 76, no.7 (1993):

1.     Zeng,K., K.Breder, D.J.Rowcliffe and C.Herrstrom, "Elastic Modulus Determined by Hertzian Indentation".
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2.    Zeng,K., K.Breder and D.J.Rowcliffe, "The Hertzian Stress Field and Formation of Cone Cracks 
        II ‑ Determination of Fracture Toughness". ACTA MATERIALIA, 40, no.10 (1992): 2601‑2605.
3.     Zeng,K., K.Breder and D.J.Rowcliffe, "The Hertzian Stress Field and Formation of Cone Cracks ‑ I. Theoretical
        Approach". ACTA MATERIALIA, 40, no.10  (1992): 2595‑2600.

 1.   Zeng,K., K.Breder and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Dynamic Fatigue of an Al2O3/SiC Whisker Composite in Water". Ceramic
       Engineering and Science Proceedings, 12, no.9‑10 (1991): 2233‑2250.  The American Ceramic Society, United States.    ------    Chapter 48.

1.      Breder, K., A.E.Giannakopoulos, K.Zeng and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Fracture toughness anisotropy of a hot pressed
         Al2O3/SiCw Compsoites".  JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE LETTERS, 9 (1990): 1085‑1086.

1.     Breder,K., K.Zeng and D.J.Rowcliffe, "Indentation Testing of an Al2O3/SiC Whisker Composite".  Ceramic
        Engineering and Science Proceedings, 10, no. 7‑8 (1989): 1005‑1013.  The American Ceramic Society, United States.   ---- Chapter 57