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International Journal Papers (2010 - now)


12.   Y.Liu, Q.M.Sun, W.H.Lu, H.L.Wang, Y.Sun, Z.T.Wang, X.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
        General Resolution Enhancement Method in Atomic FOrce MIcroscopy (AFM) using Deep Learning
        Advanced Theory and Simulation, 2018, in press.

11.   T.Li, K.Y.Zeng
        Review: Probing of Local Multifield Coupling Phenomena of Advanced Materials by Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques
        Advanced Materials, 2018, 1803064. (IF=21.95). Published on-line

10.   W.H.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
        Characterization of Local Electric Properties of Oxide Materials using Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques: A Review
        Functional Materials Letters, 11, 2018, 1830002 . (IF=1.084)

9.     W.H.Lu, L.-M.Wong, S.J.Wang, K.Y.Zeng
        Local phenomena at grain boundaries: an alternative approach to grasp the role of oxygen vacancies in metallization of VO2
        J. Materiomics, (2018), in press. (CiteScore=6.52)

8.     T. Sui, J. Dluhos, T. Li, K.Y.Zeng, A. Cernescu, G. Landini, A.M.Korsunsky
        Structure-function correlative microscopy of peritubular and intertubular dentine
        Materials, (2018) in press. (IF=2.728)

7.     J.G.Sun, M.C.Li, J.A.S.Oh, K.Y.Zeng, L.Lu
        Review: Recent advances of bismuth based anode materials for sodium-ion batteries
        Materials Technology, 33 (8) (2018), 563-573. (IF=1.232)
6.     X.S.Nie, K.J.Zhu, Q.M.Sun, J.S.Liu, J.Wang, K.Yan, K.Y.Zeng
        Enhanced discharged energy density of nanocomposites with dopamine@BaTiO3 whiskers
        Materials Technology, 2018, in press. (IF=1.232) 
5.     S.Y.Qu, C.Ming, Q.Yao, W.H.Lu, K.Y.Zeng, W.Shi, X.Shi, C.Uher, L.D.Chen
        Understanding the intrinsic carrier transport in highly oriented Poly(3-hexylthiophene): Effect of side chain regioregularity
        Polymers, 10 (2018), 815. (IF=3.483).
J.X.Xiao, J.J.Chang, B.C.Li, F. H. Isikgor, Z.Fan, D.Wang, Z.H.Lin, J.Y.Ouyang, K.Y.Zeng and J.-C.Chen

Room temperature ferroelectricity of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites with mixed iodine and bromine

        Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (2018), 9665-9676. (IF=9.931)

3.    W.H.Lu, J.X.Xiao, L.-M.Wong, S.J.Wang, K.Y.Zeng
       Probing the ionic and electrochemical phenomena during resistive switching of NiO thin films
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, (2018), 8092-8101.  (IF=7.504)

2.     W.H.Lu, L.-M.Wong, S.J.Wang, K.Y.Zeng
        Effects of oxygen and moisture on the I-V characteristics of TiO2 thin films.
        Journal of Materiomics, 4, (2018), 228-237. (CiteScore=6.52)
       open access article
1.     C.B.Du, X.L.Hu, Y.Cheng, J.F.Gao, Y.-W.Zhang, K.H.Su. Z.J.Li, N.Zhang, N.H.Chang, K.Y.Zeng
        Synergetically understanding the interaction between nano/microspheres and peptide for controllable drug loading via experimental and theoretical approaches
        Materials Science & Engineering C 83 (2018), 169-176. (IF=4.164)

  2017 (18 Journal Publications)

18. W.Zhai, X.Song 1, T.Li, B.X.Yu, W.H.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
      Ti Reactive Sintering of Electrically Conductive Al2O3–TiN Composite: Influence of Ti Particle Size and Morphology on Electrical and Mechanical Properties
      Materials 2017, 10, 1348。 (IF=2.728)

17. J.F.Gao, Y.Cheng, T.Tian, X.L.Hu, K.Y.Zeng, G.Zhang, Y.-W.Zhang
       Structure, Stability, and Kinetics of Vacancy Defects in Monolayer PtSe2: A First-Principles Study
       ACS Omega 2017, 2, 8640−8648

 16. W.H.Lu, L.-M.Wong, S.J.Wang, K.Y.Zeng 
       Probing electrochemically induced resistive switching of TiO2 by SPM techniques
       Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, (2017), 31399-31409.  (IF=4.123)

 15. C.H.Liow, X.Lu, C.F.Tan, K.H.Chan, K.Y.Zeng, S.Li, G.W.Ho
       Spatially probed plasmonic photothermic nanoheater enhanced hybrid polymeric-metallic nanogenerator
       Small (2017), 1702268(IF=8.64)

 14. Y.Sun, Z.G.Hu, D.Zhao, K.Y.Zeng
       Mechanical Properties of Microcrystalline Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Measured by Bimodal Amplitude Modulated-Frequency Modulated Atomic Force Microscopy
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, (2017) 32202-32210. (IF=7.504)

 13. Z.Puthucheary, Y.SunL.H.Vu, K.Y.ZengZ.W.Zhang, R.Lim, N.Chew, M.Cove
       Sepsis reduces bone strength before morphological changes are identifiable.
       Critical Care Medicine 45 (2017) e1254-e1261. (IF=7.442)
       PMID: 28991829

 12Q.L.Gu, W.H.Lu, Q.M.Sun, K.J.Zhu, J.Wang, J.S.Liu, J.H.Zhang, K.Y.Zeng, John Wang
       Revealing the hydrothermal crystallization mechanism of ilmenite-type sodium niobate microplates: the roles of potassium ions     
       CrystEngComm, 19 (2017) 5966-5972. (IF=3.474)

 11. Y.Sun, Z.G.Hu, D.Zhao, K.Y.Zeng
       Probing Nanoscale Functionalities of Metal-Organic Framework Nanocrystals
       Nanoscale, 9 (2017) 12163. (IF=7.76)

 10. K.Y.Zeng, T.Li, T.Tian
       Topic Review: In-situ study of Li-ions diffusion and deformation in Li-rich cathode materials by using scanning probe microscopy techniques
       Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50 (2017) 313001. (IF=2.772)

 9. Z.G.Hu, Y.Sun, K.Y.Zeng, D.Zhao
     Structural-failure resistance of metal-organic frameworks toward multiple-cycle CO2 sorption
     Chemical Communications (2017) 53 (2017) 8653-8656. (IF=6.319)

 8. R.Ding, X.L.Zhang, G.Chen, H.L.Wang, R.Kishor, J.X.Xiao, F.Gao, K.Y.Zeng, X.D.Chen, X.W.Sun, Y.J.Zhang
     High-performance piezoelectric nanogenerators composed of formamidinium lead halide perovskite nanoparticles and poly(vinylidene fluoride)
     Nano Energy 37 (2017) 126-135. (IF=12.343)
 7. S.Yang, B.G.Yan, J.X.Wu, L.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
     Temperature-dependent Li-ion diffusion and activation energy of Li1.2Co0.13Ni0.13Mn0.54O2 thin film cathode at nanoscale by using 
     Electrochemical Strain Microscopy
     ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9 (2017) 13999-14005 (IF=7.504)

 6. L.Zhu, W.L.Ong, X.Lu, K.Y.Zeng, H.J.Fan, G.W.Ho 
     Substrate Friendly Growth of Large-Size Ni(OH)2 Nanosheets for Flexible Electrochromic Films
     Small 13 (23), (2017) 1700084. (IF=8.315)

 5.   S.Yang, J.X.Wu, B.G.Yan, L.Li, Y.Sun, L.Lu, KY.Zeng
       Nanoscale characterization of charged/discharged lithium-rich thin film cathode by scanning probe microscopy techniques
       Journal of Power Sources 352 (2017), 9-17. (IF=6.333)

 4.  W.M.Lv, C.J.Li, L.M.Zheng, J.X.Xiao, W.N.Lin, Q.Li, X.R.Wang, Z.Huang, S.W.Zeng, K.Han, W.X.Zhou, K.Y.Zeng, J.S.Chen, Ariando, W.W.Cao, T.Venkatesan
       Multi-nonvolatile state resistive switching arising from ferroelectricity and oxygen vacancy migration.
       Advanced Materials, 29 (24), (2017), 1606165. (IF=18.96)

 3.   J.X.Xiao, T.S.Herng, J.Ding, K.Y.Zeng
       Resistive switching behavior in copper doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Cu) thin films studied by using scanning probe microscopy techniques
       Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 709 (2017), 535-541. (IF=3.014)

 2.   M.-Q.Yang, Y.-J.Xu, W.H.Lu, K.Y.Zeng, H.Zhu, Q.-H.Xu, G.W.Ho
       Self-surface charge exfoliation and electrostatically coordinated 2D hetero-layered hybrids.
       Nature Communications, 8 (2017) Art no.14224. (IF=11.329)

 1.   J.X.Xiao, T.S.Herng, J.Ding, K.Y.Zeng
       Polarization rotation in copper doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Cu) thin films studied by Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) techniques.
       Acta Materialia, 123 (2017), 394-403. (IF=5.058)

2016 (10 Journal Publications):

 10. J.J.Chang, J.X.Xiao, Z.H.Lin, H.Zhu, Q.H.Xu. K.Y.Zeng, Y.Hao, J.Y.Ouyang
       Elucidating the charge carrier transport and extraction in planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells by Kelvin probe force microscopy.
       Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4, 2016, 17464-17472. (IF=8.262)

 9. H.L.Wang, K.Y.Zeng
     Domain structure, local surface potential distribution and relaxation of Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3 - 9%PbTiO3 (PZN-9%PT) single crystals in air and argon environments.
     Journal of Materiomics, 2, 2016, 309-315.

 8. S.F.Song, S.Yang, F.Zheng, K.Y.Zeng, H.M.Duong, S.V.Savilov, S.M.Aldoshin, N.Hu, L.Lu
     Poly(ethylene oxide)-Immobilized Ionogel with High Ionic Liquid Loading and Superior Ionic Conductivity
     Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 163, 2016, A2887-A2889. (IF=3.014)

 7. S.Yang, B.G.Yan, L.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
     Grain boundary effects on Li-ion diffusion in Li1.2Co0.13Ni0.13Mn0.54O2 thin film cathode studied by scanning probe microscopy techniques
     RSC Advances, 6, 2016, 94000-94009. (IF=3.289)
 6. T.Li, S.-W.Chang, N.R.Florez, M.J.Buehler, S.Shefelbine, M.Dao, K.Y.Zeng
     Studies of chain substitution caused sub-fibril level differences in stiffness and ultrastructure of wildtype and oim/oim collagen fibers using multifrequencies-AFM and molecular modeling
     Biomaterials, 107, 2016, 15-22. (IF=8.402)

 5.  L.M.Wang, Q.Yao, J.X.Xiao, K.Y.Zeng, W.Shi, S.Y.Qu, L.D.Chen
      Enhanced thermoelectric properties of polyaniline nanofilms induced by self-assembled supramolecules.
      Chemistry An Asia Journal, 11,2016, 1955-1962. (IF=4.592)

 4. L.M.Wang, Q.Yao, J.X.Xiao, K.Y.Zeng, S.Y.Qu, W.Shi, Q.Wang, L.D.Chen
     Engineered molecular chain ordering in single-walled carbon nanotubes/polyaniline composite films for high-performance organic thermoelectric materials.
     Chemistry An Asian Journal, 11, 2016, 1804-1810. (IF=4.592)
 3.  J.J.Chang, H.Zhu, J.X.Xiao, F.H.Isikgor, Z.H.Lin, Y.Hao. K.Y.Zeng, Q.H.Xu, J.Y.Ouyang
      Enhancing the planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells performance through tuning precursor ratio
      Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4, 2016, 7943 - 7949. (IF=8.262)

 2. W.H.Lu, L.M.Wong, S.J.Wang, K.Y.Zeng
       Correlation of electrochemical effects and resistive switching in TiO2 Thin Films
       Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163(5), 2016, E147 - E153. (IF=3.014)
 1. T.Sui, A.J.G.Lunt, N.Baimpas, M.A.Sandholzer, T.Li, K.Y.ZengG.Landini, A.M.Korsunsky
       Understanding nature’s residual strain engineering at the human dentine–enamel junction interface
       Acta Biomaterialia, 32, 2016, 256-263. (IF=6.008)

2015 (11 Journal Publications):
 11.    J.X.Xiao, K.Y.Zeng, L.M.Wong, S.J.Wang
         Correlation of the resistance switching and polarization switching in zinc oxide thin films using scanning probe microscopy techniques
         Journal of Materials Research, 2015, 30, 22, 3431-3442. (IF=1.579)
 10.   S.Yang, B.G.Yan, T.Li, J.Zhu, L.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
        Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015, 17, 22235-22242. (IF=4.449)

 9.    J.X.Xiao, W.L.Ong, Z.Guo, G.W.Ho, K.Y.Zeng
       ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, 7, 11412-11422. (IF=7.504)

 8.    K.Y.Zeng and J.Zhu,
          Surface morphology, elastic modulus and hardness of thin film cathode for Li-ion rechargeable batteries
        Mechanics of Materials, 2015, 91, 323-332. (IF=2.636)
           Special Issue on Mechanics of Energy Storage Materials

 7.    C.Li, L.Huang, T.Li, W.Lu, X.Qiu, Z.Huang, Z.Liu, S.Zeng, R.Guo, Y.Zhao, K.Y.Zeng, M.Coey, J.S.Chen, Ariande, T.Venkatesan,
        Ultrathin BaTiO- based ferroelectric tunnel junctions through interface engineering
        Nano Letters, 2015, 15, 2568-2573. (IF=13.779)

  6.   Z.Fan, J.X.Xiao, K.Sun, L.Chen, Y.Hu, J.Ouyang, L.P.Ong, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang.
        Ferroelectricity of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite
        The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2015, 6, 1155-1161. (IF=8.539)

  5.   T.Li, B.H.Song, L.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
        Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015, 17, 10257-10264. (IF=4.449)
  4.   Z.Fan, J.X.Xiao, H.J.Liu, P.Yang, Q.Q.Ke, W.Ji, K.Yao, K.P.Ong, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang
        Stable ferroelectric perovskite structure with giant axial ratio and polarization in epitaxial BiFe0.6Ga0.4O3 Thin Films
        ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, 7, 2648-2653. (IF=7.504)
  3.   Z.Fan, J.X.Xiao, K.Yao, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang
        Ferroelectric polarization relaxation in Au/Cu2O/ZnO/BiFeO3/Pt heterostructure
        Applied Physics Letters, 2015, 106, 102902. (IF=3.142) 
  2.  Z.Fan, W.Ji, T.Li, J.X.Xiao, P.Yang, K.P.Ong, K.Y.Zeng, Y. Kui, J. Wang
Enhanced photovoltaic effects and switchable conduction behavior in BiFe0.6Sc0.4Othin films
Acta Materialia, 2015, 88, 83-90. (IF=5.058)

  1.   Q.Q.Ke, A.Kumar, X.J.Lou, Y.P.Feng, K.Y.Zeng, Y.Q.Cai, J. Wang
        Microstructural evolution of charged defects in the fatigue process of polycrystalline BiFeO3 thin films
        Acta Materialia, 2015, 82, 190-197. (IF=5.058)
2014 (3 Journal Publications):
3.   V.B.Naik, H.Meng, J.X.Xiao, R.S.Liu, A.Kumar, K.Y.Zeng, P.Luo, S.Yap,
       Effect of electric-field on the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and strain properties in CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junctions
       Applied Physics Letters, 2014, 105, 052403. (IF=3.142)
2.    T.Li, K.Y.Zeng,
       Nanoscale, 2014, 6, 2177-2185. (IF=7.76)
1.    W.L.Ong, H.J.Huang, J.X.Xiao, K.Y.Zeng, G.W.Ho,
Tuning of multifunctional Cu-doped ZnO films and nanowires for enhanced piezo/ferroelectric-like and gas/photoresponse properties.
Nanoscale, 2014, 6, 1680-1690. (IF=7.76)
2013 (8 Journal Publications):
1. W.Ong, C.Ke, P.Lim, A.Kumar, K.Y.Zeng, G.W.Ho,
    Direct stamping and caillary flow patterning of solution processable piezoelectric polyvinylidene fluoride films.
    Polymer, 2013, Vol.54, 5330-5337. (IF=3.586)
2. Y.Du, A.Kumar, H.Pan, K.Y.Zeng, S.J.Wang, P.Yang, A.T.S.Wee
    The resistive switching in TiO2 films studied by conductive atomic force microscopy and Kelvin probe force microscopy
    AIP Advances, 2013, Vol.3, 082107. (IF=1.444)
3. Y.Q.Liu, A.Kumar, Z.Fan, Y.Zhang, Q.Q.Ke, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang, D.J.Singh, K.P.Ong,
    Ferroelectricity and dipole-dipole interactions in NH4TiOF3 mesocrystals
    Applied Physics Letters, 2013, Vol.102, 232903. (IF=3.142)
4. H.J.Liu, P.Yang, Z.Fan, A.Kumar, K.Yao, K.P.Ong, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang,
    Uniaxial strain-induced ferroelectric phase with a giant axial ratio in a (110) BiFeOthin film.
    Physical Review B, 2013, Vol.87, 220101 (R). (IF=3.718)
5. T.Li, K.Y.Zeng
    Journal of Applied Physics, 2013, Vol.113, 187202. (IF=2.101)
    Special Topic: Selected Papers from the Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Workshop Series: Part of the Joint ISAF-ECAPD-PFM 2012 Conference.
6. J.Zhu, L.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
    Nanoscale mapping of Li-ion diffusion in cathode within all-solid-state Li-ion battery by advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques
    ACS Nano, 2013, Vol.7, 1666-1675. (IF=13.334)
7. T.Li, L.Chen, K.Y.Zeng
    Acta Biomaterilia, 2013, Vol.9, 5903-5912.  (IF=6.008)
8. J.Zhu, K.Y.Zeng, L.Lu
    Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, Special Issue: Materials for Energy Applications, Vol.44A, S26-S34, Jan. 2013. (IF=1.730) 

2012 (16 Journal Publications):
1. K.Sun, B.M.Zhao, V.Murugesen, A.Kumar, K.Y.Zeng, J.Subbiah, W.W.H.Wong, D.J.Jones, and J.Y.Ouyang
    High-performance polymer solar cells with a conjugated zwitterion by solution processing or thermal depositionn as the electron-collection interlayer
    Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22, (2012), 24155-24165. (IF=6.626)
2. A.Kumar, T.S.Herng, K.Y.Zeng, J.Ding
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4, (2012), 5276-5280. (IF=7.504)

3. L.Chen, K.Y.Zeng, Y.W.Zhang, C.M.She, and G.R.Liu,
    A new approach to determine wedge-indented interfacial toughness in soft-film, hard-substrate systems
    with application to low-k films on Si substrate.
    Journal of Materials Research,  27 (22), (2012), 2872-2883. (IF=1.579)
4. T.S.Herng, A.Kumar, C.S.Ong, Y.P.Feng, Y.H.Lu, K.Y.Zeng, J.Ding,
    Scientific Reports, 2, (2012), 587. (IF=5.228)
5. T.Li, K.Y.Zeng
    Journal of Structural Biology, 180, (2012), 73 - 83. (IF=2.570)
6. Q.Q.Ke, X.J.Lou, H.B.Yang, A.Kumar, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang
    Negative capacitance induced by redistribution of oxygen vacancies in the fatigued BiFeO3-based thin film
    Applied Physics Letters, 101, (2012), 022904. (IF=3.142)
7.  J.Zhu, K.Y.Zeng, L.Lu
     Cycling effects on interfacial reliability of TiO2 anode film in thin film lithium-ion microbatteries.
     Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 16, (2012), 1877 - 1881. (IF=2.327)
8.  K.Sun, B.Mi.Zhao, A.Kumar, K.Y.Zeng, J.Y.Ouyang
     Highly-efficient inverted polymer solar cells with indium tin oxide modified with solution-processed zwitterions as the transparent cathode.
     ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4, (2012), 2009-2017. (IF=7.145)
9.  J.Zhu, K.Y.Zeng, L.Lu
     Electrochimica Acta, 68, (2012), 52-59. (IF=4.803)
10. J.Zhu, K.Y.Zeng, L.Lu
      Journal of Applied Physics, 111, (2012), 063723. (IF=2.101)
11. S.T.Chen, X.Li, K.Yao, F.E.H.Tay, A.Kumar, K.Y.Zeng
      Self-polarized ferroelectric PVDF homopolymer ultra-thin films derived from Langmuir-Blodgett deposition.
      Polymer, 53, (2012), 1404-1408.  (IF=3.586)
12. J.Zhu, J.K.Feng, L.Lu, K.Y.Zeng
      Journal of Power Sources, 197, (2012), 224-230, (IF=6.333)
13. L.Chen, T.Rabczuk, S.P.A.Bordas, G.R.Liu, K.Y.Zeng, P.Kerfriden,    
      Extended finite element method with edge-based strain smoothing (ESm-XFEM) for linear elastic crack growth
      Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 209-212, (2012), 250-265. (IF=3.467)
14. X. Song, K.B.Yeap, J.Zhu, J.Belnoue, M.Sebastiani, E.Bemporad, K.Y.Zeng, A.M.Korsunsky
      Residual stress measurement in thin films at sub-micron scale using Focused Ion Beam milling and imaging
      Thin Solid Films, 520, (2012), 2073-2076. (IF=1.761)
15. Q.Q.Ke, A.Kumar, X.J.Lou, K.Y.Zeng and J.Wang
      Origin of the enhanced polarization in La and Mg co-substituted BiFeO3 thin film during the fatigue process.
      Applied Physics Letters, 100, (2012), 042902. (IF=3.142)
16. X.P.Nie, X.H.Yang, Y.Ma, L.Y.Chen, K.B.Yeap, K.Y.Zeng, D.Li, J.S.Pan, X.D.Wang, Q.P.Cao, S.Q.Ding, J.Z.Jiang
      Thermal oxidation effect on corrosion behavior of Zr46Cu37.6Ag8.4Al8 bulk metallic glass.
      Intermetallics, 22 (2012), 84-91. (IF=2.541)
2011 (14 Journal Publications, 1 Conference Publication):
1. Q.Q.Ke, A.Kumar, X.J.Lou, K.Y.Zeng, J.Wang
    Oxygen-vacancy-mediated negative differential resistance in La and Mg co-substituted BiFeO3 thin film
    Journal of Applied Physics, 110, (2011), 124102. (IF=2.101)
2. L.Chen, G.R.Liu, K.Y.Zeng
    A Combined extended and edge-based smoothed finite element method (ES-XFEM) for fracture analysis of 2D elasticity
    International Journal of Computational Methods, 8 (4), (2011), 773-786, (IF=1.123)
3. Z.T.Wang, K.Y.Zeng, Y.Li
    The correlation between glass formation and hardness of the amorphous phase.
    Scripta Materialia 65, (2011), 747-750. (IF=3.305)
4. X.P.Nie, X.H.Yang, L.Y.Chen, K.B.Yeap, K.Y.Zeng, D.Li, J.S.Pan, X.D.Wang, Q.P.Cao, S.Q.Ding, J.Z.Jiang
    The effect of oxidation on the corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of a Zr-based metallic glass.
    Corrosion Science 53, (2011), 3557-3565. (IF=5.154)
5. L.Chen, G.R.Liu, K.Zeng, J.Zhang
    A novel variable power singular element in G space with strain smoothing for bi-material fracture analyses\
    Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 35 (2011), 1303-1317. (IF=1.862)
6. L.ChenJ.ZhangK.Y.Zeng, P.G.Jiao
     An edge-based smoothed finite element method for adaptive analysis
    Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 39 (6), (2011), 767-793. (IF=1.021)
7.  L.Chen, K.B.Yeap, K.Y.Zeng, C.M.She, and G.R.Liu
     Interfacial delamination cracking shapes and stress state during wedge indentation in a soft-film-on-hard-substrate system - computational simulation and experimental studies.
     Journal of Materials Research, 26 (19), (2011), 2511-2523. (IF=1.579)
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