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Book Chapters

        Y. Sun, Y.Cheng, K.Y.Zeng
        Chapter 8: Metal - Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as Potential Hybrid Ferroelectric Materials
        in Layered Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion, Eds. Dongsheng Geng, Yuan Cheng, Gang Zhang, Royal Society of Chemistry, pp.197-244
        J.Zhu and K.Y.Zeng:
        Chapter 2: Studying the localized electrochemical phenomena in rechargeable Li-ion batteries by scanning probe microscopy
        techniques, in ACS Symposium Series Vol.1140, "Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy", Eds. Y.H.Hu, U.Burghans, S.Z.Qiao,
        American Chemical Society, p.23-53. August 2013.

        Zeng, K, K.B.Yeap, A.Kumar, L.Chen and Haiyan Jiang:
        Chapter 3: Fracture toughness and interfacial adhesion strength of thin films: ‑ indentation and scratch experiments and analysis",
        in CRC Handbook of  Nano‑Structured Thin Films and Coatings, Vol.1. (Three‑Volume Set), Eds. S.Zhang. CRC Press, 2010. p.67 - 98.

Zeng, K:
Chapter 5: Nanoindentation and Indentation Creep of Polymetic Materials", in PolymerTribology. Eds. S.K.Sinha and B.J.Briscoe, 
Imprerical College Press, 2009. p.141-194.
Zeng, K:
Chapter 9: Nanoindentation of Thin Films and its Application", in Handbook of Nanoceramics and Their Based Nanodevices (5 Volume Set)Volume 3, Characterization and Properties, eds. T.T.Tseng and H.S.Nalwa.   American Scientific Publishers, 2009. p.175-205.

Zeng, K:
Chapter 7: Nanoindentation: Recent Development and Applications", in Handbook of Theoretical and Computational Nanotechnology (10 Volume Set)Volume 4, Nanomechanics and Multiscale Modeling, Eds. Michael Rieth and Wolfram Schommers,  American Scientific Publishers, 2006. p.387-461.